"Ma tu, da dove vieni?". Come sono sempre stata nomade ancora prima dei social

"But where do you come from?". Just as I have always been nomadic even before social media

A year ago I understood that immensity and amazement have the same space in the belly: in a few moments they manage to make you something else. With a little jolt they give you wings for a few seconds. And when you fall you don't get hurt, you have everything you need in your eyes and heart.

A year ago Jordan reminded me of who I was and where I wanted to go. In the immensity of the desert, of the spaces, in the power of the colors and the light I understood that the journey would bring me home.

The word "home" has always represented a strange emotion, first negative, then positive. Having changed many cities since I was a child, for me to say that I was born in Turin but I lived in Rome, and then in Umbria, and then in Milan, and then in other places, the question "And you, where are you from" surprised me. ?” .

“And what do I tell you”.

I would have responded with this Roman accent that I've had since I started speaking. So, like a poem by heart, I had prepared a generic phrase "I am half Apulian, half Venetian, raised in Umbria".

First with a bit of shame, an unveiled shyness, almost as if ashamed of not being able to feel strong about a place of belonging.

As if the ground was missing from under your feet .

Then I saw more and more interest in this thing, almost as if it were the title of an adventure film. A nomad, yes a nomad.

How beautiful .

I was starting to give shape to that floor, arabesque, colourful, full of different things. Then, thanks to this floor, I started furnishing. I added details, particulars, I made that room mine, made up of things I knew very well. There were grandparents with their teachings, with their dialect, there was aunt with her wisdom, there were mum and dad so different but so complementary. Turin, its colorful market where my grandfather taught me what "bargaining" means, but there was also the Mole that my other grandfather tirelessly took me to see every year as a fixed appointment with the sky. There was Puglia, where I began to understand where a part of me came from. There was Tuscany, where grandparents protected us from the dark years and brought sunshine into our lives. There was Umbria, my adopted land, full of greenery, full of contradictions, so far from the sea but so rich in things to tell.

Well, if you had more or less two hours, maybe I could tell you some details.

Where I come from now I can always say it.

As I grew up I retraced everything, down to the smallest detail, to make sure that everything was clear to me first and foremost. Where I come from was and is all of this: my every step, my every move, my every breath. It no longer scares, it's not shame, but immense wealth that I will never cease to be amazed by.

* In the photos the desert in Jordan, a contemplative and meditative place that I loved and visited in December 2022

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